Improving productivity in Public Hospital

I’ve just arrived after a long and exhausting day of taking medical examinations at the local public hospital not so far from a place I live. There’re 3 (three) documents that I should get. The 1st one is the certificate of health, the 2nd is the narcotics-free certificate, and the last one is the TBC-free certificate.

It turns out that the length of the process exceeds my expectation. The first thing in the morning I went to the local health center, and they said that it’s better to arrange everything from the regional health laboratory (Labkesda). So I follow their suggestion to go to the Labkesda.

Once I’m at the Labkesda, they said that they’re unable to issue such documents I requested, and they suggest me to go to the public hospital on the next building. I don’t think that I’ll need a car, so I leave my car at the Labkesda instead and walk to the public hospital for about 5 minutes.

Once I’m at the hospital, I’m a bit disoriented since the last time I went here is about five years ago. There’re lots of new buildings, and the interpretations are not clearly distinct. However, I managed to reach the 1st place which is the Forensic department where I had to take a urine sample in order to examine my narcotics level. Luckily I passed this test. There’s no residue or trace of any narcotics in my urine sample. The test costs me about Rp200,000. This forensic department is on the old wing of the massive hospital complex, not so far from the mortuary room.

The drama is started to begin once I completed my 1st test. I’m being told to go to the GDC (Gedung Diagnostic Center) building opposite the hockey field. I asked the information center on GDC building that direct me to go to the 2nd floor on the very corner area where the medical check-up office is located.

After some paperwork where I need to pay for another Rp144,000, they checked me and said that I need to go to the radiology to get an X-ray which luckily situated just the opposite of the medical check-up office. In my opinion, the x-ray queuing process is quite hilarious. I have to take off my clothes together with the other two men while waiting to get an x-ray. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t bother me much. The bad news is the result of the x-ray is not instant, which means that I have to go back tomorrow to collect the result.

I return to the medical check-up office with a paper from radiology; I thought that’s the end of the process. Unfortunately, I have to go to the Pulmonology department in the other building of the hospital complex. It’s already 11.30 at that time. So I walked to the Pulmonology department directly on the 2nd floor on the next building, which turns out that I have to go back to the 1st floor for registration purpose. After registration which cost me Rp17,000, I return to the pulmonology department, long queuing, only to get information that I have to go back to GDC building to get sputum examination at the laboratory.

Once I’m at the GDC building again, I’ve got two empty jars from the laboratory staff which said that I need to put sputum sample twice. The first one is for the first sputum in the morning; the second one is for the sputum after I’ve had breakfast which all these means that I have to return here providing my sputum sample tomorrow morning. The result is out the following day. So basically what I need to do is give them my specimen tomorrow, collect the result the next day, and bring the result back to the Pulmonology department to get an examination, then only I could get my TBC-free and Health Certificate (probably the other day).

In my opinion, this whole experience is not efficient at all. There must be a way to increase the productivity and efficiency of what-so-call the best public hospital in eastern Indonesia.

I believe all stakeholders will be more beneficial if only the hospital is implementing the integrated information and technology system. The hospital management will only need to collect a one-time patient record. After a general examination by the doctor, the patient already understands what they should prepare (blood or urine specimen, etc.), the next morning the patient went to the laboratory only for taking the test, and by the afternoon the patient would be able to collect all the results in the front office.

The adoption of new service blueprint alone will automatically increase the hospital efficiency by 30% compared to what is currently done. I personally hope that in the future this kind of system would be able to realize in all of the public hospitals in Indonesia. Or probably the hospital management should take a lesson from the expert in hotels management? Don’t they know that’s a reason why the hotel industry is also known as a hospitality industry?

The reason why I wrote in English

Until now I still believe that voicing an idea in the form of writing on a personal site is normal and does not violate any ethics or norms, as long as what is expressed is not talking about ethnic, religious, racial or racial opposition class.

However, it is not easy for someone who is not accustomed to voicing his aspirations in writing to understand the background why someone like me can write his ideas in writing. Some of them will think that a piece of writing must be for someone. It is difficult to accept that opinion in the form of writing is not necessarily identical to a personal letter. There are many reasons why some people (I am one of them) choose to voice their ideas through writing, some of the reason including so that I can re-read what I wrote later on. Also, by writing it in online media, it is possible that what I wrote has usefulness for others.

To be honest, the reason why I wrote some of my writing in English lately is that I use WordPress as a means of training in English writing. I believe that the more we practice, the more we are used to using it. This is also because I will soon have to take an English language test in which there is one section specifically about writing. In my opinion, there are no straightforward ways to master foreign language writing than to practice it directly and continuously.

Without enough training and getting used to, expressing ideas in any way is not easy. First of all, we must have a pattern of what we are going to say, looking for what is right to be made as an introduction, then find what the core of the topic that we are going to raise, choosing the appropriate sentences and words, and creating a proper closing.

The writing above consists of 310 words and the time I require to write it alone is about 20 minutes. Supposedly with 300 words of writing, the maximum time I use is no more than 10 minutes. By itself, it means that my ability to express ideas in English is far from enough, not to mention the grammar, use of sentences and vocabulary used.

Hopefully, in the next few days, this ability will improve along with the more often I exercise writing in English so that in time, I will be able to get good test results.