Hate cannot drive out hate

t-when-you-hate-you-feel-miserableI believe that the one who hates me most is the one who hates him/herself most. I am of the opinion that hates is one of the most negative, destructive and corruptive things in the world if not adequately managed. It will negate our feelings, it will suck our passion in life to the very bottom, and it will end up with full of regrets.

The reason for this is that will absorb a lot of life energy; it will replace all of our positivities with one big negative idea about something/someone. For instance, if by chance we hate someone so bad all of our time will be wasted only by finding all of his/her downsides. We wouldn’t be able to see the other aspects about him/her other than the wrong things. Then we’ll start complaining, cursing, scoffing without realizing that most of our time, thoughts and energies are already waste just to become a negative being.

There is also the fact that hates will not bring you anywhere than being hateful itself. As Mr. King said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Hating someone/something will only make your life miserable. So basically there is no point in keeping hating someone/something. The more we hate someone, the more it will create the negative version for ourselves.

Meanwhile by start to open your minds and hearts about forgiveness, the love will grow. The sooner you forgive, the sooner you will notice the changing inside you into more positive. Once you make peace with yourself, then you will see that life give you much more than you deserve. If you are able to reach this point, you will be grateful that you have love within you.

As mentioned, there is no reason to keep hates in our hearts. Just let it go, and you’ll start to understand that only love that can hold you overcoming any situations to come.

Happy birthday my love

Khaleef, tepat pukul 05.45, setahun yang lalu kamu datang. Papap mau ucapkan selamat atas bertambahnya usiamu, semoga kamu menjadi anak yang sholehah, berguna bagi agama dan negara, serta memberikan kebanggaan bagi keluarga dan kawan-kawanmu.

Insyaa Allah waktumu masih panjang, pergunakan waktumu sebaik-baiknya. Karena waktu terus berjalan dan tidak pernah berhenti hingga saatnya tiba yang kita semua tidak pernah tahu kapan.

Ini ucapan ulang tahun pertama kali dari Papap untuk kamu, kelak saatnya nanti kamu bisa baca sendiri ya Nak.

Peluk cium dari Papap untuk kamu, maafkan Papap yang tidak selamanya bisa menemanimu. Walau tidak secuilpun berkurang rasa sayang ini untukmu.