How to create a work timetable for your PhD

PhD-ing For Dummies

Everyone works differently. Some people are super organized and colour code their worksheets, and other people just work when they feel like it. There are two main issues with this when it comes to a PhD. For one, you have a deadline. You cannot do the PhD forever. You have to work on days you don’t want to work, because otherwise you won’t finish. But there are days you can colour code purple for, say, ‘research’ and wake up and know there is no way you’re going to be doing research today, thanks.

Most days, it’s going to be a combination of the colour coded worksheet and the procrastination. That’s alright, it balances.

Other days, you are going to procrastinate every single second you are awake and get nothing done. Still other days you are going to get so involved in something you’ll work for hours. Again, these tend to…

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