The lion and a woman

lion-and-lambI remembered the story of a woman who gave up her husband. Her husband is so difficult to compromise. Her husband is easily offended and is curt when the wife asks for an opinion.

There is no day without long debate. They are like a cat and mouse. The wife really can’t stand her husband’s behavior and decided to leave her husband alone. In short, they have been far apart. The wife then complained to a friend.

“Actually, I have a lion in the cage behind my house. The handler who usually takes care of him is sick. Well, this month, you will keep my lion. If it’s been a month, I’ll tell you how you maintain the integrity of your family. ”

The woman protested, “what does the lion have to do with my husband? This is irrelevant. ”

“Don’t complain. If you ask for my advice, do your job first. Try to feed my lion, and stay healthy until next month. Next month, I’ll see you again, I’m having a lot of business to be done, ” said her friend.

So, the woman thinks hard. Every day she went to the lion’s cage. In the beginning, the lion fiercely roars. Later, she brought food to the lion. At first, she brought food once a day, sooner later twice a day. Initially, the lion roared loudly if she fed. Over time, the lion stayed quiet and roared softly to welcome her presence.

Over time, the lion automatically approached the woman’s direction, when she heard her footsteps. Within a month, the lion no longer roars fiercely. This lion even remained silent when the woman caressed her head, she even enjoyed the caress.

Her friend observed the development silently. Precisely a month, she invited the woman for a discussion.

“So, what should I do so my husband will be nice to me again?” Asked the woman.

“If a lion who doesn’t speak the same language, you can tame it. How is it possible with your own husband you can’t? ”

Return to your husband, actually, your husband’s matter is easier than taming a lion … ” answered her friend. The woman was stunned, but soon realized and said goodbye.

If a fierce lion can be tamed by humans. How could the relationship between husband and wife be more difficult? There must be a way, there must be a good solution when there are a strong will and determination.