How to prevent cheating

downloadCheating is indeed a topic that is prone to be discussed, unfortunately, more and more do it lately. There are many reasons for men to cheat. One study said men could have cheated because they felt unappreciated.

But that does not mean all men are cheating. Husband’s desire to cheat can be prevented from the beginning, from the wife’s attitude. The attitude that the wife must have so that her husband is not having an affair and only give full attention to his wife.

1. Hug him every day
Physical contact with a partner must be intense or frequent. Physical touch is one expression of love, and hugging him can be an easy way to make him feel loved. This may be trivial, but has a significant contribution to maintaining family relationships. Don’t let this be forgotten in the midst of busy pursuing a career or taking care of a child. Give gentle caresses, backrests on your shoulders, sweet kiss or warm hugs on your partner at all times.

2. Time to chat
Don’t ignore communication and interaction, no matter how small it is. As much as possible, take time every day to talk about many things at home. Get rid of gadgets and chat casually. A marriage and family therapist advises couples to set aside at least 15 minutes every day to really talk without interruption.

3. Make sure that he knows you are always there for him. Spending time together is different from always being there for him. Be a person that he can rely on, such as sharing stories, helping his problem, giving attention and caring for each of his needs, to pay attention to his mood. Make sure your husband knows that you pay attention to him, and he always has a special place in your busiest days.

So, it is actually not difficult to maintain domestic relations and prevent husbands from having an affair. When a marriage commitment has been established, make sure you do your best so that no third party contributes.

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