I am crazy

I’m crazy for praise
I’m mad of possessions
I’m a wealth maniac
I’m always hungry for recognition

And I’m numb
If you don’t get respect
I slept a tenth of the time
I do any fasting
Since my childhood

I hugged three thousand people every night
I plant love across the country
My hands are muddy
I let my nose sniff
Dirt and garbage from the world

I poison the poison
Thousands of people stuck swords
To my chest, and I immerse myself
My life is unclean in the world

Because not a day is not even one night
I once left the occupants

But my heart is empty of life
What I’m looking for is praise, possessions
Wealth and respect
From you, O my beloved
Only from you

If anyone else praises me
Kissing my hand and hugging my body
Surely that is because they thought
This is me

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