Mind and Heart


Man lives from his heart. Humans live in their hearts. The heart is a long journey. Humans follow them, to their satisfaction, their welfare, their happiness, and their God.

Various creatures prevented him, sometimes he hindered it. The heart is the center of the will that makes people laugh and cry, sad and happy, content or desperate.

A man wanders in his heart, the mind helps him, the mind must work as hard as it can, the mind needs to revolutionize, the mind cannot sleep, the mind must be driven faster than the speed of light.

The heart does not always understand exactly what he wants. He can only be oriented to his God to get the clarity and accuracy of his will.

The mind helps to get that clarity and determination, but the mind cannot explain anything about its God.

The mind serves his heart, the heart always asks the Lord. Before God, the mind is darkness and ignorance.

If the mind wants to reach its Lord, it conforms to the law of the dimensions of its heart. If not, the mind will offer damage, entrapment, and boomerang.

If the mind is only able to offer things to its heart, then the heart will be exposed to a vacuum, and the mind itself widens the distance from its Lord.

The body will melt to the ground. The mind will dissolve in time and space. The heart will melt in God.

If the degree of the heart is lowered to the ground, if the level of mind is preoccupied with chunks of metal, then in the certainty of melting into God, they will only be ready to become piles of wood, which are burned not by God’s love, but by fire.

If the heart is only guided by the body, then it will only be scared by the age limit, by death, by poverty, by ignorance.

If the mind is only taking care of the body, if the mind does not know the end, it will change greed nature, will bloom with pride, then be shocked and disappointed by everything that is produced.

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