I’m just an ordinary man with a vision and hope to bring a better tourism environment in Indonesia.

In daily routine, I work and operate a Tour Operator company which based in Surabaya, Indonesia.
I managed almost everything from planning tour products – until controlling each staffs and motivate them to achieve their own maximum limit.

Despite all that I’m also a natural INTJ according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which they said are one of the rarest of the sixteen personality types, and account for only about 1–4% of the population.

I live in the world of ideas and strategic planning. I value intelligence, knowledge, and competence, and typically have high standards in these regards, which I continuously strive to fulfill. To a somewhat lesser extent, I have similar expectations of others.

I value and need for systems and organization. My internal form of thoughts and concepts is highly individualized, and is not readily translatable into a form that others will understand. I usually don’t see the value of a direct transaction, and will also have difficulty expressing my ideas, which are non-linear. However, my extreme respect of knowledge and intelligence will motivate me to explain to another person who I feel is deserving of the effort.


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